Flooring installation


Understanding the importance of flooring installation

The installation of your brand new flooring is a very important endeavor. So important, in fact, that it should be treated as such right from the start. With proper installation by a professional team, you can have the flooring of your dreams installed to perfection, never having to worry about problems popping up unexpectedly or issues with your warranty being forfeited. However, attempting that installation yourself, or hiring someone to do it much cheaper, is just asking for trouble. When you’ve spent a great deal of time and money on your flooring, make sure you’re not just leaving it to chance from there.

Red Baron Carpet has 30 years of experience, and has become a true one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. Quality has always come first in products and services as well because our customer’s satisfaction is our first and most important priority. For the most comprehensive list of services available, from purchase and installation to cleaning and more, you’re going to be glad you came to visit us in our Newtown, CT showroom. We proudly serve the areas of Newtown, CT, Monroe, CT, Fairfield, CT, Trumbull, CT, and Salisbury, CT, and we look very forward to serving you as well. Stop in today so we can help turn your dreams into reality with the perfect floor covering.

Flooring installation isn’t an option

Once you purchase your flooring, the next feasible step is to have it properly installed. For many materials, this means special tools and a certain amount of experience is necessary. Without them, you can experience many problems, up to and including the need to replace your entire floor covering. Considering your budget when shopping the first time, it’s not likely an expense you’ll be ready to submit again in just a couple of years.



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Get flooring perfection with professional installation

Carpet and hardwood are two materials that really require professional flooring installation. Porcelain tile and stone should also be left to professionals since they are incredibly dense, hard and easy to break. A precious few mistakes could send you further over your budget then you can afford to go.

Professional flooring installation is the answer to any problems that could arise. Not only can you be sure your flooring will be installed to perfection, but you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll get the entire lifespan without a hassle. In fact, our company offers peace of mind through warranties that can make a huge difference for you.