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Upholstery cleaning in Newtown

Do you have pets in your home? Small children or teenagers? Anyone with allergies or chronic respiratory ailments? Even just someone who's a little clumsy with plates and glasses around the living room?

Food and drink spills, sticky fingerprints, pet accidents, and airborne allergens can become trapped deep in the fibers of your couches, sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture, even after rigorous scrubbing. Unsightly stains, overall fading of the upholstery, malodorous bacteria in the fibers, and aggravation of respiratory issues like asthma or allergies, can all result from a lack of routine care and professional cleaning.

The best solution for all of these issues and more is a professional cleaning, and the best people to go to for professional cleaning in the Newtown area are Red Baron Carpet. Removing soil and bacteria trapped in the cushions does more than removing stains and discoloration, making your furniture look better; it also neutralizes foul odors and removes dangerous allergens and asthma triggers. After a professional upholstery cleaning by Red Baron Carpet, your sofas, chairs, and couches will look, smell and be as safe as new.

Your couches, sofas and chairs will look and smell like new

When Fido has an inevitable accident, when Junior decides that finger painting the sofa sounds like fun, or when someone spills their drink on the couch, call us and make an appointment. Our friendly, speedy upholstery cleaning professionals will make your furniture seem new again. With a formula that's non-toxic and not dangerous for use around children and animals, you can rest assured that Fido and Junior will be safe. So make an appointment today to have your old furniture restored to like-new conditions.



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