When hardwood flooring is an easy choice

Choosing the perfect floor covering is something you don’t have to do on a regular basis, especially with hardwood flooring. While we’re all happy about that, it doesn’t negate the fact that when the time comes, we need to give it all the attention we can muster. The good news about hardwood flooring is that it could be the very last floor covering you will ever have installed in your home or office. In fact, with lifespans that easily reach 100 years with proper care and maintenance, some historic buildings prove it can actually last even longer. It’s so easy to choose a floor that is right for you, and we believe you should definitely consider it.

Red Baron Carpet provides each of our customers with complete devotion and more than 30 years of flooring experience. That means you’ll not only get expert knowledge and answers to your questions, but you’ll get the service that comes from a company that is wholly devoted to the satisfaction of our customers. Once you visit our Newtown, CT showroom, you’ll find just how important you are to us, and we’ll work hard to serve you in every way possible with regard for the project you have on deck. We currently serve the areas of Newtown, CT, Monroe, CT, Fairfield, CT, Trumbull, CT, and Salisbury, CT, and we look very forward to serving you as well.

Taking hardwood into your own home

A decision to settle on hardwood flooring for your floors is one we think you’ll never forget. In fact, it’s not just a floor covering, it’s an investment. It shows in not only how well it stands up under constant wear and tear but also in the higher sale price your home will bring if you ever decide to sell it. The benefits in placing this material in your home are abundant, and you’ll want to know about each and every one of them.

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Beautiful floors for a lifetime

Durability is one of the greatest factors affecting the decision to go with hardwood flooring, but then again, so is the lifespan. Since these floors can last a lifetime and then some, there’s little doubt it’s an affordable option. Just consider how much money will be saved when you no longer have to purchase and install a whole-house floor covering.

Remember that these floors have to be acclimated to your own home’s specific environment before installation. This process can take as little as 24 hours or as much as 72, but it’s a very important process you should never, under any circumstances, put off.

Hardwood Flooring from Red Baron Carpet


If you live in or around the Newton, CT area and are considering a new hardwood floor, you owe it to yourself to come by Red Baron Carpet before you buy. There are not many flooring stores in this entire area that have such a huge selection of hardwood flooring options as we do. This impressive inventory allows our customers to find the exact hardwood flooring that they are looking for, and you will, too!

The best brands in hardwood floors

We carry famous name hardwood such as Mohawk Industries, Somerset, and Anderson. These are the brand names that professional decorators turn to when they design new spaces. Now, you can have access to these same brands!

One of the largest hardwood flooring inventories in town!

We currently have over 465 hardwood flooring options from which to choose. There is virtually no type of hardwood that we do not have available for our customers. This means that you can design and decorate your rooms exactly as you wish, without compromise. Our customers truly appreciate the huge number of hardwood options that they have when they shop with us.

Huge selection of hardwood species to choose from

Because we have such a large selection, you will be able to find the species of hardwood that you want and find the color shades you want as well. From very light color tones, used to brighten up rooms, to darker tones often found in dens, studies, and dining rooms, we have it all. Oak, cherry, walnut, hickory, you name it, we have it. We even have the exotic hardwoods that are becoming so popular today.

Anyone in the Newtown, Monroe, Fairfield, or Trumbull areas, who are looking for a new, quality hardwood floor, should come by Red Baron Carpet first and see the lines of hardwood flooring we have available.